Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! I chose the title “Mom’s Last Resort” because how many of us moms turn to the internet for answers about our children when nobody else seems to have them?

I think as moms it is extremely important to get wise council from each other. To tell each other it’s okay when you don’t have a perfect day, because you can try again tomorrow. The sweet children we aim to raise into upstanding adults actually make us more effective in the world…

Each of us has our trigger point and our children seem to know just where to find it! My 3 year old knows my impatience as I’m trying to get him out the door…brushing teeth, combing hair, changing clothes, using the toilet etc etc…his new phrase this week is “mom please be patient” I about died…what was so important that I couldn’t wait 2 extra minutes for him to go at his pace?!

What are your trigger points?